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After the transpiring of recent events.....

I uh....



*turns computer off 4evar*

Peck O Trouble (12) by Shen-fn-Woo


Angry McGee
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: MD
Favourite genre of music: Whatever sounds good? I dunno :V
Favourite photographer: You mean there's skill in snapping pictures?
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: Ubuntu
Wallpaper of choice: Umi Monogatari's Urin sitting on a chair
Favourite cartoon character: Gutts from Berserk
Personal Quote: "No such thing as maturity. No one's an example of it, as no one's perfect, and striving to be perfect when you can never be would be immature.... lol" - Myself, because quotes are stupid.


After the transpiring of recent events.....

I uh....



*turns computer off 4evar*

Peck O Trouble (12) by Shen-fn-Woo
So recently you've blocked me for attempting to get you to pay one iota of attention to yourself and the things that you do that may come of as awkward and insulting.

I said I would keep things nice and try not to verbally blast you for the things that you did that were pretty unwise to do. 

But you violated one of my unwritten rules, and therefore you finally get to figure out what it was that you did that came off as insulting, because you have now given me a reason to no longer be nice about it to you.

Alright, where do we begin? 

To my watchers....

For a while now, I've noticed I had a stalker.  Yeah, I'm calling them a fucking stalker.  This person would come to my page, check for updates, and if he finds any, he would go ahead and comment on them.  He did this frequently, so I went ahead and checked his page to see what's going on to attract him to mine since I wasn't active on his.  Then I noticed something, and thought to myself....


Wut the fuck....

He's......not watching me.


You mean to tell me.....  This motherfucker is MANUALLY WATCHING MY PAGE.





I'm unsure how to react to this disturbing set of events.  I'm nonplussed. 

Is he worried about negativity in my journals?  Wait, he hasn't been around to see the rage journals I used to constantly put up. 

Is he worried about being associated with me?

Does he not give a shit about my artwork?

WHAT?!   WHY WOULD ANY DECENTLY THINKING SOUNDLY MINDED INDIVIDUAL GO THROUGH THE EFFORT of BOOKMARKING someone's page when there's a watch feature RIGHT THERE.  It's like you have to travel 20 miles in 10 minutes, and choosing to bike there instead of taking the jet propelled race car that someone's jingling the keys to in front of your face.  Of all the BACKWARDS assed, RETARDED shit...

It's unfathomable.

It lacks so much logic that I feel insulted.  (Yeah, I know, him not wanting to be aqcuainted with me didn't phase me, him maybe not thinking much of my artwork doesn't bother me, but the complete abscense of logical thought processes it would take in order to do something easier sends me to the 9th circle of hell, go figure).

And thus, enter Abetwabe.

Yeah, I commissioned him a while back, and am feeling horribly sorry for doing so.  He's the only guy I wanted to troll so bad but felt so much pity for that I just couldn't. 

So yeah, Twabz, back to you.....

Yes.  You were that stalker.  You creeped even ME out, and I don't get creeped out.  I don't even like saying the word creepy, because it makes me feel like some airheaded ditzy bitch who thinks that calling a man creepy will make him feel bad for having interest in her.

So here's all of my problems with you, laid out bare for you and everyone else to see:

Your work ethic is LAUGHABLE, bro.  It's a sick fucking joke.  I don't like throwing words like professional around, but in your case, you're anything but.  Let's examine how.

1.)  You take unnecessary breaks out of fucking nowhere.  I don't know how many times you've done something so terribly fucking stupid overall, but in my case,  more than enough.  While I was commissioning you, there were several times when I caught you messing around on facebook arguing with atheists in an atheist group.  On FACEBOOK....  You know, the place where everyone thinks that they're mystical philosophers with that one bit of logic that can't be argued that will free your mind upon reading it, and if you don't change your mind, you must be retarded, and aren't worth their time, and should be ridiculed.  In THEIR GROUP, where the hivemind stays.  I know what everyone else might be thinking, "Well, Shen, you do it too".....  NOT DURING A FUCKING COMMISSION.  I normally sit back and wait for someone to come TO ME with that shit before I adress them.  And get this, Twabz main complaint about the group - they don't represent other atheists well.....  Has the thought ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, everyone thinks differently, and no one person can speak for the rest? 

What's more, the 2nd time I found you goofing off during the time you should've been focused on commissions, you entered a contest.  Later on in the contests run, you find out what kind of artwork you're up against, and apparently some big hitters had entered the fray, and you started feeling like you weren't good enough, and either dropped out or just didn't finish the picture.  I guess the thought never occurred that Deviant art is a WORLDWIDE website catering to millions of artists of varying skill levels.  For some reason, this simple fact NEVER once crossed your mind.  Meanwhile there are commissions waiting to be completed, and not just mine. 

See this picture?  Lies. by Abetwabe  This is the picture he came up with to counter the arguments of the atheists he was bothering on Facebook.

2.)  You don't adequately communicate with your clients.  Another retardedly simple thing you could do to make the commission process faster....  I dunno.... FUCKING DOWNLOAD AN INSTANT MESSANGER AND TALK TO YOUR CLIENTS.  ISN'T THAT SIMPLE ENOUGH?  That way you don't have to take days to fix ONE FUCKING problem sending fucking notes back and forth and then complaining that you lost the note because you have too many.  I can't believe I've ever met a person who doesn't bother to think as much as you do.

3.)  Your quality is bullshit and inconsistent.  I thought you were slightly better than me at drawing because you at least have figure drawing down to a practice.  Oh hell no I was wrong - I keep my quality above a certain level even if I do let it drop a bit.  You show that you obviously don't give a shit when working on a piece.  You can take a perfectly well crafted figure art and fuck it up entirely when you go to the guideline process. 

Exhibit A, B, and C if you will - If you guys look at the artworks he did for me, and notice I replied with just a link, that's me being passive aggressive trying to tell him how fucking easy it is to have actually fixed something that he fucked up on.

For example: Quado by Abetwabe

This is the artwork for the character Quado that I had him do for me.

Now take a look at this:  Team2 by Shen-fn-Woo

Notice how different he looks?  That's because I practically redrew the shit myself because Twabz over here fucked up royaly.  I sent about 10 notes describing how he was supposed to looke like Yakushiji Tenzen from Basilisk, in that he wears a samurai kimono that has the shoulder frabric spike upwards.  Look at Twabz' picture again.  Notice he actually drew spikes at the tips of the shoulders?  Yeah, he LITERALLY drew spikes on the shoulders.  You mean to tell me.... I told him it didn't look correctly in a note, and about half a day later, he replies saying he corrected the picture, this time when I take a look at it, two tiny spikes are at the tips?  Can somebody say "urr DURR"?

Oh, it gets worse....  Before I had to deal with the disaster that was Quado, I had to deal with the trainwreck that was Janae.

See this picture?  Janae LINES 2 by Abetwabe

I had to lean on him (which pissed him off at the time, but I didn't give a shit) because this is what he showed me before he got to this point:

JanaeLINES by Abetwabe

Feast your eyes on this and believe.  That's right, you are NOT hallucinating.  A so called professional artist drew this monstrosity and presented it to ANOTHER CAPABLE ARTIST as a SERIOUS entry for a commission meant to alleviate the burden on the buyer, and give him more time to work on other things.  It was such an insult that I had to save it and keep the picture to show to other people so that they can also laugh at it.

OMG, and before Janae, there was this:

Zeno Sketch by Abetwabe

Now look at the reference he had to use to draw that:
The Furious Angel - Zeno Maxwell - PSTAR DESYNC by Shen-fn-Woo
Zeno Reference by Shen-fn-Woo

See the big ass differences between the source material and what Twabz drew for me?  Someone tell me where you see a significant amount of white ANYWHERE on his clothes?  See how off his posture, head, and what have you is?  Another example of bumbling baffoonery. 

And last but not least...

4.)  You can't follow SIMPLE FUCKING DIRECTIONS.  People have to spell things out for you all day in order to get you to understand something that which someone in their first year of highschool would comprehend on first utterance.  I'm not the only person who says so, other people who commissioned you say the same thing, so it's not like I'm just angry and bitter about it.  Have you ever heard of the word intution?  It's that little thing normal people do when stuff isn't presented completely, but it's definitely enough to understand and come to a conclusion.  You see, if the ground and everything around you outside is bright and shiny, that means THE FUCKING SUN IS OUT.  Do you really need someone to tell you WHY?

So there you have it.  THIS is what you asked for, don't act like you didn't want this.  I had no problem keeping civil about the whole thing but if you want to block and run I can give you the feedback you really wanted so much.

You're inadequate.
You do stupid things.
You're inconsistent.
You're inefficient.
You're comprehension is rediculously low.

Now that you know about all these things, how could you possibly fix them?  No matter how you take this journal, this is criticism that you need to hear, and some that you specifically asked for.

I guess it's way past your neepy time.  Worst of all, you really think that the word "neepy" is cute enough to use in your drawings. 

What a joke.

Peoples!  You may see a shitload more productivity out of me, thanks to this wonderful occurrence in my life that has happened earlier today.  I have gotten a GODLY mattress.  Yes, no more (theoretically) can I say that I won't have the energy or rest needed to get things that I've said I was going to done.  For the past multiple years I've been struggling with fatigue, back aches, pinched nerves and everything under the F'N sun.  After bringing this wonderful construction of art home, I tested it out and felt REFRESHED....

This leads to my next ponit....


You heard me......

I went to Sleepys four months ago, looking for a bed.  I figured that I couldn't go wrong going to a retailer that specialized specifically in matching beds to your comfort needs.  They treated me honorably, and like I was in control..... despite the fact that I couldn't afford 90% of the shit there.  I wound up dropping 350$ on a bed I thought was going to solve all of my problems.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  The first few nights were fine but immediately afterwards, it was like sleeping on a ton of F'N bricks.  I threw cushion underneath the damned thing and it would do nothing but sink in and give me pinched nerves.  There were like, numb spots in my back that lasted all day when I sat at the computer.  HORRIBLE.

Well today, I was fed up with the nonsense, and I decided to bite the bullet and get my mattress.  I went to some run down inner city store that was staffed by the F'N ghetto itself.  The manager was outside in the parking lot toking up some bud.  Nigga smelled like MD5 HASH.  I could've sworn the guy was getting smart with me the entire time I was in the store.  He told me that there was no assoiciate around to help me carry out the mattress, and he didn't bother to help me himself either, despite there being like, no customers in the store.  Motherfucker didn't even thank me for the purchase.  I was even a little upset most of all, because the mattress looked smaller than the one I got earlier from sleepys. 

I got home, tried the shit out....  Not only did the shit measure up perfectly, I laid on it for 5 minutes and was A NEW F'N MAN!  All for 250$, because it came with a frame to match, since I already had the box spring.  If I wasn't a lazy piece of shit, I would've went back there and tipped that ungrateful bastard.  He gave me WIN and GOD in a can.  I love him so much ;_;

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The pleasure was all mine.

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Hi there! Just dropping by to say hello. Hope all is going well for you.
I'm just taking it easy today. I feel mentally tired from yesterday. My family
came over and we celebrated my sister's birthday. It was pretty good. ^^
Being an introvert though it leaves me socially exhausted. And what's worst
is that I don't have a solitary place in this apartment to recharge myself. The
rainy weather doesn't help either so I'm stuck. :(

Ah well, hope all is well on your side. :)
Shen-fn-Woo Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Hey wassup!

Sorry to hear about the downer.  But at least you'll have some entertainment while you're cooling off.

All's well over here too, just haven't been talking much.  I may or may not change that sometime soon though.  I do have plans to get some art done and throw up a few things here and there for some eyecandy.  Just stay tuned.
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